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arrived in Guadalajara with orders to make arrests and stop the bashing Mexico was receiving in the foreign press. DEA had repeatedly asked that Ventura be assigned to the investigation but had been refused.

Kiki’s body was taken to a forensic facility in San Diego and x-rayed, but no other procedure was performed, because of the condition of the corpse.

The body was cremated, as per the wishes of Mika Camarena.

The ceremony at the Catholic Church in the quiet village of Calexico, California brought thousands of people to silently pay their respects and share the grief of the family. There were federal law enforcement representatives from all across the United States, and from every state and local police organization for hundreds of miles, including Mexicali, Baja California. DEA headquarters was strongly represented, the contingent headed by its new manager designee, Jack Lawn. Administrator “Bud” Mullins did not attend, having retired from federal service when Kiki’s body was found.

In the overflow outside the church, listening to the services over loud speakers installed especially for the occasion, were the father of “Luis Valiente”, a friend of ours who was shot in Guadalajara on September 29, 1984 by one of “Don Neto’s” henchman, and “Miguel Sanchez”, who helped find the Marijuana plantations in San Luis Potosi in September of 1982. Stalwart and brave men, they couldn’t keep from crying as they tried to convey to me their feelings for Kiki Camarena. In those days just being there was dangerous for them.

The first anyone knew about Florentino Ventura’s activities came from an official news release by the Mexican government. Twenty-four men, all but one current and former members of the Jalisco State Judicial Police, had been picked up and were interrogated, confessing to complicity in the crime and to narcotics trafficking activities. One of the arrested men, Comandante Gabriel Gonzales-Gonzalez, had died while in custody. The

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