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In Guadalajara we had watched, and listened, as the suspects retracted, one after another, their confessions. But we didn’t really know to what they had confessed. It would be some time before the written declarations would be available for us to read. Some of us walked to a small sidewalk café on Avenida Chapultepec named “Los Rusos.” The weather was beautiful and we were discussing the latest developments in Mexico City when the funeral procession carrying the body of state police comandante Gabriel Gonzalez-Gonzalez passed slowly in front of the café, just one block from where the tragedy had begun, at the U.S. Consulate. But the shadow of the cover-up had already started spreading. The count was now seven, the Bravo family, the MFJP agent at the Bravo ranch, and Gabriel Gonzalez.

Ford Motor Company manufactures automobiles in Mexico. Perhaps because of an agreement they have with Mexico, they didn’t market their cars within the country with the same model names they used in the United States. Consequently the top of the line model, in 1984 and 1985, the Mercury Gran Marquis, was sold in Mexico as the Ford Gran Marquis. It was absolutely the most expensive and luxurious automobile you could legally own in Mexico at the time. Unless you were especially influential, it was the most ostentatious car anyone could drive. The traffickers had practically cornered the market on the Gran Marquis.

DEA Agent Alan Bachelier picked up information on March 25 concerning a black Gran Marquis that was alleged to have been used in the kidnapping of Kiki. The source of the information said that the vehicle was the property of Cesar Fonseca, a cousin of Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca. The source stated that Cesar Fonseca, assisted by his half brother, Tomas Fonseca, “El Tomasin”, had hidden the vehicle in a partially constructed cinder-block house just outside the periferico; near an area know as “El Coli.” The automobile had allegedly been hidden for about a month.

The DEA had an aircraft in Guadalajara at the time, a residual from the period in which so much equipment had been dispatched to help in the search. We commandeered it, no problem really, since the pilot was anxious